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Retirement Residences - Champlain

Residential facilities are designed to enable retired individuals and other elderly people to have a form of independent living, while sharing common interests and access to supportive services.

Retirement residence costs vary and not all services may be included in the basic cost. Some retirement residences offer short stay programs when space permits. The Ontario Retirement Communities Association (ORCA) is a voluntary, non-profit association that accredits retirement residences in Ontario.

Some Retirement Residences have access to physiotherapy services through contracted providers. Clients requiring Physiotherapy services, including Assistive Devices Program (ADP) assessments for basic walker and wheelchair needs, will be able to access this through the contracted provider, either privately or as part of their service.

In cases where professional services are provided in house, CCAC will only provide physiotherapy services to these clients when the in house therapist or caregivers are not familiar with the treatment such as for an acute need requiring specific expertise.

Download the list of Retirement Homes offering physiotherapy services through contracted providers and ADP.

Access the Retirement Homes - Inventory of Care page listing detailed serviced offered at the Retirement Residences. 

Some Retirement Residences provide respite services.

See also Apartments with Supports, Seniors Apartments and Retirement Home Search Assistance.

These services serve all or part of Champlain
Alta Vista Retirement Community  
751 Peter Morand Cres, Ottawa, ON  K1G 6S9
24 hours 613-739-0909 Add to Clipboard
Amica at Westboro Park  
491 Richmond Rd, Ottawa, ON  K2A 1G4
613-728-9274 Add to Clipboard
Arnprior Villa Retirement Residence  
15 Arthur St, Arnprior, ON  K7S 1A1
613-623-0414 Add to Clipboard
Atria Retirement Canada - Crystal View Lodge  
6 Meridian Place, Nepean, ON  K2G 6L9
613-225-4560 * service Mon-Sun 24 hours Add to Clipboard
Auberge Plein Soleil  
258 Telegraph Rd, Alfred, ON  K0B 1A0
613-679-4355 Add to Clipboard
Barrhaven Manor  
110 Berrigan Dr, Ottawa, ON  K2J 5A6
613-823-2525 Add to Clipboard
Bayfield Manor Nursing and Retirement Home  
100 Elvira St E, PO Box 300, Kemptville, ON  K0G 1J0
613-258-7484 Add to Clipboard
Beacon Heights Retirement Residence  
2201 Montreal Rd, Ottawa, ON  K1J 0B4
613-742-1243 Add to Clipboard
Bearbrook Retirement Residence  
2645 Innes Rd NE, Ottawa, ON  K1B 3J7
613-837-8720 Add to Clipboard
Beek Lindsay House  
210 Augustus St, Cornwall, ON  K6J 5T3
613-936-1200 Add to Clipboard
Billings Lodge Retirement Community  
1180 Belanger Ave, Ottawa, ON  K1H 8N2
613-737-7877 Add to Clipboard
Billingswood Manor Seniors' Residence  
1370 Bank St SW, Ottawa, ON  K1H 8N6
24 hours 613-731-8448 Add to Clipboard
Blackburn Seniors Residence - Blackburn Lodge Seniors Residence  
2412 Cleroux Cres, Ottawa, ON  K1W 1A3
24 hours 613-837-7467 Add to Clipboard
Bridlewood Trails Retirement Community  
480 Brigitta St, Kanata, ON  K2S 0K7
613-595-1116 Add to Clipboard
Camilla Gardens Retirement Residence  
1119 Bathgate Dr, Gloucester, ON  K1J 9N4
24 hours 613-747-7000 Add to Clipboard
Carefor Health & Community Services - Renfrew County Office - Retirement Care Home  
Carefor Civic Complex, 425 Cecelia St, Pembroke, ON  K8A 1S7
613-732-9993 Add to Clipboard
Caressant Care Cobden - Nursing and Retirement Home  
12 Wren Dr, Cobden, ON  K0J 1K0
613-646-2109 Add to Clipboard
Carillon Manor  
1988 Principale St, Chûte à Blondeau, ON  K0B 1B0
613-632-3434 Add to Clipboard
Carleton Place Terrace  
6 Arthur St, Carleton Place, ON  K7C 4S4
613-253-7360 Add to Clipboard
Carlingwood Retirement Community  
200 Lockhart Ave, Ottawa, ON  K2A 4C6
613-656-0333 Add to Clipboard
Centre d'accueil Mon Chez Nous  
2025 Lajoie St, Lefaivre, ON  K0B 1J0
613-679-4475 Add to Clipboard
Chapel Hill Retirement Residence  
2305 Pagé Rd, Orléans, ON  K1W 1H3
613-804-2273 Add to Clipboard
Chartwell Belcourt Retirement Residence  
1344 Belcourt Blvd, Orléans, ON  K1C 1L9
613-841-2079 Add to Clipboard
Chartwell Bridlewood Retirement Residence  
3998 Bridle Path Dr, Ottawa, ON  K1T 4H4
24 hours 613-521-1977 Add to Clipboard
Chartwell Chateau Cornwall  
41 Amelia St, Cornwall, ON  K6H 7E5
613-937-4700 Add to Clipboard
Chartwell Duke of Devonshire Retirement Residence  
1095 Carling Ave, Ottawa, ON  K1Y 4P6
24 hours 613-721-8809 Add to Clipboard
Chartwell Hartford Retirement Residence  
3 Fifth St W, Morrisburg, ON  K0C 1X0
613-937-7273 Add to Clipboard
Chartwell Heritage  
624 Wilson St, Ottawa, ON  K1K 4S5
905-501-9219 Add to Clipboard
Chartwell Kanata Retirement Residence  
20 Shirley's Brook Dr, Kanata, ON  K2K 2W8
613-591-8939 ext 227 Add to Clipboard
Chartwell Lord Lansdowne Assisted Living Residence  
920 Bank St, Ottawa, ON  K1S 1M8
613-230-9900 Add to Clipboard
Chartwell McConnell Retirement Residence - McConnell Manor  
801 Fourth St E, Cornwall, ON  K6H 7M8
613-933-3887 Add to Clipboard
Chartwell New Edinburgh Square Retirement Residence  
420 MacKay St, Ottawa, ON  K1M 2C4
343-882-4758 Add to Clipboard
Chartwell Pembroke Heritage Retirement Residence  
1111 Pembroke St W, Pembroke, ON  K8A 8P6
613-635-7926 Add to Clipboard
Chartwell Pinewood Retirement Residence  
1022 Pembroke St E, Pembroke, ON  K8A 8A7
613-735-4056 ; 613-775-5007 ext 13837 Add to Clipboard
Chartwell Quail Creek Retirement Residence  
450 Albert St, Renfrew, ON  K7V 4K4
613-432-9502 Add to Clipboard
Chartwell Rideau Place  
550 Wilbrod St, Ottawa, ON  K1N 9M3
343-882-4761 Add to Clipboard
Chartwell Riverpark Retirement Residence  
1 Corkstown Rd, Nepean, ON  K2H 1B6
613-828-8882 Add to Clipboard
Chartwell Stonehaven Retirement Residence  
70 Stonehaven Dr, Kanata, ON  K2M 3B4
613-663-2968 Add to Clipboard
Chateau Glengarry Retirement Facility  
Chateau Glengarry, 105 St-Paul St E, Alexandria, ON  K0C 1A0
613-525-4440 Add to Clipboard
Cité Parkway Retirement Residence - All Seniors Care  
Cité Parkway Retirement Residence, 380 LeBoutillier Ave, Ottawa, ON  K1K 3W3
613- 723-2273 Add to Clipboard
City View Retirement Community  
151 Meadowlands Dr W, Ottawa, ON  K2G 2S3
613-317-2388 Add to Clipboard
Colonel By Retirement Residence  
43 Aylmer Ave, Ottawa, ON  K1S 5R4
24 hours 613-730-2002 Add to Clipboard
Country Haven Retirement Home  
1387 Beachburg Rd, Beachburg, ON  K0J 1C0
613-582-7021 Add to Clipboard
Country View Lodge - Retirement Home  
4676 Dark's Side Rd, Pakenham, ON  K0A 2X0
613-624-5714 Add to Clipboard
Court at Barrhaven (The)  
1111 Longfield Dr, Nepean, ON  K2J 5A9
613-519-1883 Add to Clipboard
Courtyards on Eagleson Retirement Residence, (The) - All Seniors Care  
The Courtyards on Eagleson Retirement Residence, 630 Eagleson Rd, Kanata, ON  K2M 0N1
613-878-0273 Add to Clipboard
Crossings Résidence la Traversée - Pavillon Laurier  
2526 Laurier St, Rockland, ON  K4K 1B1
613-446-4747 Add to Clipboard
Crysler Residence  
5 Concession St E, Crysler, ON  K0A 1R0
613-263-2736 * 613-987-5562 Add to Clipboard
Cumberland Lodge  
2564 Market St, Ottawa, ON  K4C 1P3
613-833-3156 Add to Clipboard
Elmsmere Villa Retirement Residence  
889 Elmsmere Rd, Ottawa, ON  K1J 9L5
613-745-2409 Add to Clipboard
Embassy West Senior Living  
1400 Carling Ave, Ottawa, ON  K1Z 7L8
613-729-4321 Add to Clipboard
Empress Kanata Retirement Residence  
170 McGibbon Dr, Kanata, ON  K2L 4H5
613-663-2965 Add to Clipboard
Fairfield Manor Retirement Residence  
17 Lombardo Dr, Kanata, ON  K2L 4E8
24 hours 613-592-5772 Add to Clipboard
Forest Valley Terrace  
1510 St Joseph Blvd, Ottawa, ON  K1C 7L1
613-830-4000 Add to Clipboard
Governor's Walk Retirement Residence  
150 Stanley Ave, Ottawa, ON  K1M 2J7
24 hours 613-564-9255 Add to Clipboard
Greenview Manor  
1319 Lisieux St, Cornwall, ON  K6J 4Z3
613-933-2117 Add to Clipboard
Heritage Heights Retirement Residence  
1755 Vincent Massey Dr, Cornwall, ON  K6H 5R6
613-932-7786 Add to Clipboard
Heritage Lodge Retirement Residence  
48 Wall St, Vankleek Hill, ON  K0B 1R0
613-678-2690 Add to Clipboard
Heritage Manor Retirement Home  
1545 Vincent Massey Dr, Cornwall, ON  K6H 5R6
613-932-4416 Add to Clipboard
Hillcrest Manor  
11664 County Rd 43, RR 2, Mountain, ON  K0E 1S0
613-774-3391 Add to Clipboard
Island View Retirement Residence - Island View Retirement Suites  
30 Jack Cres, Arnprior, ON  K7S 3Y7
613-622-0002 Add to Clipboard
Jardin Royal Garden  
2802 St. Joseph Blvd, Orleans, ON  K1C 1G5
613-841-2221 Add to Clipboard
Jardins Belle Rive - Retirement Center  
2950 Laurier St, Rockland, ON  K4K 1T3
613-446-7122 Add to Clipboard
L'Oasis of the Résidence Simon - Retirement Home  
Residence Simon Building, 845 St Jean St S, Rockland, ON  K4K 1K5
613-446-7023 ext 222 Add to Clipboard
Landmark Court  
140 Darlington Private, Ottawa, ON  K1V 0X7
613-526-4533 Add to Clipboard
Le Pavillon  
1122 Notre Dame St E, Embrun, ON  K0A 1W0
613-443-1690 Add to Clipboard
Lynwood Park Lodge Retirement Community - Lynwood Park Lodge Retirement Residence  
Lynwood Park, 1 Eaton St, Ottawa, ON  K2H 9P1
613-596-6969 Add to Clipboard
MacDonald Residence  
24 Bertha St, Vankleek Hill, ON  K0B 1R0
613-678-6571 Add to Clipboard
Manoir Caledonia Manor  
138 Caledonia Rd, St-Isidore, ON  K0C 2B0
613-524-5583 Add to Clipboard
Manoir McGill Manor  
342 McGill St, Hawkesbury, ON  K6A 1P9
613-632-8097 Add to Clipboard
Manoir McGill Manor - Hawkesbury - 261 McGill St  
261 McGill St, Hawkesbury, ON  K6A 1P9
613-632-8097 Add to Clipboard
Manoir Rockland Manor  
9045 County Rd 17, Rockland, ON  K4K 1K7
613-627-4854 Add to Clipboard
Maplewood Retirement Community  
340 Industrial Ave, Ottawa, ON  K1G 3Z6
613-656-0556 Add to Clipboard
Marlborough Place III - Residence du Village  
758 Principale St, Casselman, ON  K0A 1M0
613-764-5425 Add to Clipboard
McLeod Retirement Home  
330 McLeod St, Ottawa, ON  K2P 2C5
24 hours 613-565-4555 Add to Clipboard
Mon Plaisir Residence  
88 Marquette Ave, Vanier, ON  K1L 5K1
613-741-4940 Add to Clipboard
Oakpark Retirement Community  
2 Valour Dr, Ottawa, ON  K1G 3T5
24 hours 613-260-7144 Add to Clipboard
Ogilvie Villa Retirement Residence  
1345 Ogilvie Rd, Gloucester, ON  K1J 7P5
613-742-6524 Add to Clipboard
Orchard View by the Mississippi  
219 Paterson St, Almonte, ON  K0A 1A0
613-963-5000 Add to Clipboard
Orchard Walk Retirement Community - Garden View Senior Apartments  
1491 Manotick Station Rd, Greely, ON  K4P 1P6
613-821-2233 Add to Clipboard
Palace Retirement Residence (The)  
69 St Paul St E, Alexandria, ON  K0C 1A0
613-525–1574 Add to Clipboard
Park Place Seniors' Suites & Retirement Residence  
110-120 Central Park Dr, Ottawa, ON  K2C 4J6
613-727-2773 Add to Clipboard
Pension du Bonheur  
176 St Joseph St, Alfred, ON  K0B 1A0
613-679-4248 Add to Clipboard
Pinerest Residence  
5876 Buckland Rd, Vars, ON  K0A 3H0
613-835-2849 Add to Clipboard
Place Rideau  
481 Main St E, Hawkesbury, ON  K6A 1B3
613-632-3314 Add to Clipboard
691 Valin St, Ottawa, ON  K4A 0G3
613-824-6909 Add to Clipboard
Prince of Wales LP - Prince of Wales Retirement Community  
22 Barnstone Dr, Ottawa, ON  K2G 2P9
613-843-9887 Add to Clipboard
Queenswood Villa  
370 Kennedy Lane E, Orléans, ON  K1E 3X5
24 hours 613-830-2633 Add to Clipboard
Ravines Retirement Residence (The)  
626 Prado Private, Ottawa, ON  K2E 0B3
24 hours 613-288-7900 Add to Clipboard
Red Oak Retirement Residence  
3501 Campeau Dr, Ottawa, ON  K2K 0C1
613-592-6426 Add to Clipboard
Redwoods Retirement Residence (The)  
2604 Draper Ave, Ottawa, ON  K2H 9B1
613-828-8540 Add to Clipboard
Residence Cameron  
453 Cameron St, Hawkesbury, ON  K6A 2B5
Owner 613-632-9397 ; Manager 613 677-9201 Add to Clipboard
Résidence Cartier  
3722 Cartier St, Bourget, ON  K0A 1E0
Colombe Faucher 613-487-7896 Add to Clipboard
Residence Duford  
151 Duford St, Vanier, ON  K1L 6Z5
24 hours 613-746-5914 Add to Clipboard
Résidence Érabliere - Résidence Érablière  
583 Limoges Rd N, Limoges, On  K0A 2M0
613-791-9792 ; 613-443-3998 Add to Clipboard
Residence Limoges  
133 Ottawa St, Limoges, ON  K0A 2M0
613-443-5303 Add to Clipboard
Residence Mon Chez Nous  
679 Jeanne Mance St, Casselman, ON  K0A 1M0
613-764-3024 Add to Clipboard
Résidence Moose Creek Villa  
53 Labrosse St, Moose Creek, ON  K0C 1W0
613-538-2977 Add to Clipboard
Residence Place Mont Roc  
100 Industrial Blvd, Hawkesbury, ON  K6A 3M8
613-632-2900 Add to Clipboard
Residence Quatre Saisons  
760 Station St, Plantagenet, ON  K0B 1L0
613-673-4743 Add to Clipboard
Résidence St-François  
790 Principale St, Casselman, ON  K0A 1M0
613-764-2868 Add to Clipboard
Résidence St-Mathieu - Retirement Residence  
3140 Gendron Rd E, Hammond, ON  K0A 2A0
613-487-9422 Add to Clipboard
Revera Hunt Club Manor  
Hunt Club Manor Retirement Residence, 1351 Hunt Club Rd, Ottawa, ON  K1V 1A6
613-733-4776 Add to Clipboard
Revera Retirement - Edinburgh Retirement Residence (The)  
10 Vaughan St, Ottawa, ON  K1M 2H6
613-747-2233 Add to Clipboard
Revera Retirement - Rapid Admission/Information into 13 Retirement Residences  
5015 Spectrum Way, Ste 600, Mississauga, ON  L4W 0E4
289-360-1200 Add to Clipboard
Richmond Lodge Retirement Residence  
6197 Perth St, Richmond, ON  K0A 2Z0
613-838-5016 Add to Clipboard
Riverview Heights Retirement Residence  
400 Bell St, Pembroke, ON  K8A 2K5
613-735-2200 Add to Clipboard
Riverview Seniors' Residence  
204 Lake Ave W, Carleton Place, ON  K7C 1M2
613-253-0504 Add to Clipboard
Robertson House  
1 Mill Hill Rd, Nepean, ON  K2H 9L6
613-721-0886 Add to Clipboard
Royal Manor Rest Home  
128 Marlborough St N, Cornwall, ON  K6H 3Z9
613-933-1154 Add to Clipboard
Russell Meadows Retirement Community  
475 Church St, Russell, ON  K4R 0A9
613-445-5200 Add to Clipboard
Sandfield Place - Retirement and Long-Term Care Home  
220 Emma Ave, Cornwall, ON  K6J 5V8
613-933-6972 Add to Clipboard
Senior Country Living  
15434 County Rd 18, Lunenburg, ON  K0C 1R0
613-534-2648 Add to Clipboard
Stillwater Creek Retirement Community  
2018 Robertson Rd, Ottawa, ON  K2H 1C6
613-828-7575 Add to Clipboard
Stirling Park Retirement Community  
310 Titan Priv, Ottawa, ON  K2G 0B1
613-656-1450 ext 102 Add to Clipboard
Stittsville Villa and Manor  
1354 Stittsville Main St, Stittsville, ON  K2S 1V4
613-836-2216 Add to Clipboard
Supples Landing Retirement Residence  
201 Joseph St, Pembroke, ON  K8A 8J2
613-732-0077 Add to Clipboard
Symphony Senior Living Kanata  
27 Weaver Cres, Kanata, ON  K2K 2Z8
24 hours 613-591-3991 Add to Clipboard
Symphony Senior Living Orléans  
6419 Lumberman Way, Ottawa, ON  K1C 6E8
613-837-1100 Add to Clipboard
The Promenade Seniors' Suites and Retirement Residence  
110 Rossignol Dr, Orléans, ON  K4A 0N2
24 hours 613-451-1414 Add to Clipboard
Thorncliffe Place Retirement Home  
1 Thorncliffe Place, Ottawa, ON  K2H 9N9
613-596-3853 Add to Clipboard
Unitarian House of Ottawa  
20 Cleary Ave, Ottawa, ON  K2A 3Z9
613-722-6690 Add to Clipboard
Valley Garden Retirement Center  
4152 County Rd 34, Green Valley, ON  K0C 1L0
613-525-2999 Add to Clipboard
Valley Stream Retirement Community  
2 Valley Stream Dr, Ottawa, ON  K2H 0A5
613-232-2202 Add to Clipboard
Villa d'Accueil Sainte-Thérèse de Marionville  
4535 Gregoire Rd S, Prescott-Russell, ON  K4R 1E5
613-445-5522 Add to Clipboard
Villa St-Albert  
17 Génier St, St Albert, ON  K0A 3C0
613-987-2983 Add to Clipboard
Villa St-Luc  
839 Cartier St, Curran, ON  K0B 1C0
613-673-5683 Add to Clipboard
Villagia in the Glebe  
480 Metcalfe St, Ottawa, ON  K1S 3N6
613-565-5212 Add to Clipboard
Water Tower Lodge Retirement Residence  
Water Tower Lodge, 9 Stafford St, RR 1, Barry's Bay, ON  K0J 1B0
613-756-9086 * after hours please dial ext 134 Add to Clipboard
Waterford Retirement Community (The) - Waterford Retirement Community  
2431 Bank St, Ottawa, ON  K1V 8R9
613-737-0812 Add to Clipboard
Waterside Retirement Community  
105 McNeely Ave, Carleton Place, ON  K7C 0B6
613-253-2010 Add to Clipboard
Westwood (The)  
2370/2374 Carling Ave, Ottawa, ON  K2B 8G9
24 hours 613-820-7333 Add to Clipboard
Windsor Park  
990 Hunt Club Rd, Ottawa, ON  K1V 8S8
24 hours 613-249-0722 Add to Clipboard

These services are located outside of Champlain, but provide service to Champlain.
Ontario Retirement Communities Association  
2401 Bristol Cir, Suite 202, Oakville, ON  L6H 5S9
905-403-0500 Add to Clipboard
Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority  
160 Eglinton Ave E, 5th Fl, Toronto, ON  M4P 3B5
416-440-3570 Add to Clipboard

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