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Thyroid - Champlain

There are many types of thyroid disease. The main conditions present in most thyroid illnesses are Hypothyroidism (thyroid underactivity) and Hyperthyroidism (thyroid overactivity). Cancer of the thyroid, though uncommon, can also occur.


These services serve all or part of Champlain
Thyroid Foundation of Canada  
Ottawa, ON  K0H 1G0
Help Line Toll free 1‑800‑267‑8822

These services are located outside of Champlain, but provide service to Champlain.
Thyroid Cancer Canada  
308 Main St, 1st Fl, Toronto, ON  M4C 4X7
Thyroid Foundation of Canada  
PO Box 298, Bath, ON  K0H 1G0

For additional resources including respite/personal care program for Seniors and Adults with Physical Disabilities, Lung Health, Stroke and Desktop Resource Guides click Here or visit Health Resources.



Lung Health

Long Term Care Homes Virtual Video Tours

Exercise Classes

Falls Prevention

Dementia Resources

Stroke resources Champlain LHIN