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Eye Health and Diseases - Champlain

Regular eye examinations and protecting your eyes from injury are important to good eye health.

Opticians and Optometrists are eye health professionals.

For more services that serve people with diseases and conditions that cause vision impairment, see Blindness and Impaired Vision.


These services serve all or part of Champlain
Ottawa Hospital (The) - General Campus - University of Ottawa Eye Institute  
501 Smyth Rd, Critical Care Wing - 3rd Floor, Ottawa, ON  K1H 8L6
Reception 613‑737‑8575
St Francis Memorial Hospital - Health Care Centre  
27 St Francis Memorial Dr, Barry's Bay, ON  K0J 1B0

These services are located outside of Champlain, but provide service to Champlain.
Eyebank of Canada (The) - Ontario Division  
Kensington Health, 340 College St, Suite B100, Toronto, ON  M5T 3A9
Ontario Association of Optometrists - Eye See...Eye Learn  
20 Adelaide St E, Box 16, Suite 801, Toronto, ON  M5C 2T6

For additional resources including respite/personal care program for Seniors and Adults with Physical Disabilities, Lung Health, Stroke and Desktop Resource Guides click Here or visit Health Resources.



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