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Adult Day Programs - Stormont/Dundas/Glengarry

Adult day programs (ADP) provide part-of-the-day supervised programming in a group setting for dependent adults, such as the frail elderly, individuals with Alzheimer’s, or individuals with disabilities. Services may include leisure activities, meals and personal care.

To make it easy to compare services offered by these organizations, a chart listing all adult day programs is available in PDF format. It will be updated regularly.

A chart of available spaces in Adult Day Programs is provided for your convenience. Information will be updated monthly or as information changes.

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These services are located in Stormont/Dundas/Glengarry
Carefor Health & Community Services - Eastern Counties - Lancaster - Glengarry Outreach Seniors' Services   Lancaster
Carefor Health & Community Services - Finch - North Stor Seniors Support Centre - Adult Day Program   Finch
Carefor Health & Community Services - Ingleside - South Stormont Community Support Services - Adult Day Services   Ingleside
Glen-Stor-Dun Lodge - Cornwall - Adult Day Programs   Cornwall
Glengarry Inter-Agency Group - Adult Day Program   Alexandria
Maxville Manor - Seniors Outreach Services - Adult Day Program   Maxville
Mohawk Council of Akwesasne - Department of Health - Ratinatare Outreach Day Services - Senior Day Program   Akwesasne
Ottawa-Carleton Association for Persons with Developmental Disabilities - Cornwall - Open Hands   Cornwall
Williamsburg Non-Profit Housing Corporation - J W MacIntosh Seniors' Support Centre - Adult Day Program   Williamsburg

These services are located outside of Stormont/Dundas/Glengarry, but provide service to Stormont/Dundas/Glengarry.
Alzheimer Society of Cornwall and District - Forest Park - Adult Day Support Program   Forest Park
Carefor Health & Community Services - Ottawa - The Guest House - A Home Away from Home   Ottawa
Greenland Country Haven   Kemptville

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